About the Artist: Kristine Marie Miller

Photo of the Artist

Artist's Statement
I've been an artist ever since I could hold a crayon. My earliest memories are of drawing energetically in time to the lilting rhythms of classical music, and in grade school I was dubbed the "class artist." I also grew up roaming the Wisconsin woods, planting wildflower gardens, and walking the Lake Michigan beach. Color and beauty soaked into my being from these wild landscapes.

My identity of artist was set aside as conventional life intervened, and my art stage went dark for many years. In 1993, some exciting life changes switched the lights back on, and I began to work in the bright, energetic, intense colors of oil-based monotype and wet-into-wet acrylic. The natural beauty I had absorbed as a child and on canoe and camping trips as an adult began to pour out into my artwork, dancing and leaping across the paper in swirls of red, ochre, cobalt, and chartreuse.

My painting doesn't come from my head. It flows straight out of my hands—and my heart. My work is an expression of what I see with my inner eye. I hope that you will be refreshed and renewed by my vision. I am a high-energy person, and making art energizes me even further (thus the name, "EnergyArt"). I hope that you, too, will be revitalized by seeing my work.

More About the Artist
Kristine Marie Miller studies art at Expressions Graphics, Oak Park, IL, and the DuPage Art League, Wheaton, IL. She has also studied at Laredo Studios, Chicago, exhibited her work at Charlene's Gallery Ten, Gills Rock, Door County, WI, and in numerous one-woman shows throughout the Midwest and Chicago, taught children's art classes, and judged student art competitions. Kristine's work is currently on display at Gallery 200, West Chicago, IL.