Fine Art: Jewelry

Looks like Venetian glass!Pendants

This fine art jewelry is made by miniaturizing the original artwork and affixing it to clear glass. A sterling silver bale (or earring hardware) is secured to the pendant (or earring). Large pendants are titled and signed by the artist.

Each design is available as a large pendant (2" x 2"), a small pendant (7/8" x 7/8"), and earrings.

Enjoy the admiration you'll receive when you wear this beautiful jewelry!

Prices are:
$20 for 2" pendants
$15 for 7/8" pendants
$20 for earrings
Plus $5 shipping and handling.

Interested in purchasing? E-mail the artist,

Balance pendant large
Balance, large pendant
Balance pendant small
Balance, small pendant
Balance earrings
Balance, earrings
Confetti pendant large
Confetti, large pendant
Confetti pendant small
Confetti, small pendant
Confetti earrings
Confetti, earrings
Fire pendant large
Fire, large pendant
Fire pendant small
Fire, small pendant
Fire earrings
Fire, earrings
Paintbrush Tulips pendant large
Paintbrush Tulips, large pendant
Paintbrush Tulips pendant small
Paintbrush Tulips, small pendant
Paintbrush Tulips earrings
Paintbrush Tulips, earrings
Peonies pendant large
Peonies, large pendant
Peonies pendant small
Peonies, small pendant
Peonies earrings
Peonies, earrings
Rain pendant large
Rain, large pendant
Rain pendant small
Rain, small pendant
Rain earrings
Rain, earrings
Winter Trees pendant large
Winter Trees, large pendant
Winter Trees pendant small
Winter Trees, small pendant
Winter Trees earrings
Winter Trees, earrings
Geraniums pendant large
Geraniums, large pendant
Sea Sign pendant large
Sea Sign, large pendant
Sun Spots pendant large
Sun Spots, large pendant